Conspire 09 Live Blog – General Session 5

  • 6:34 PM henryjz – amy is introducing johnny and tammy
  • 6:37 PM henryjz – watching a video about a group tackling K2
  • 6:42 PM henryjz – johnny is continuing to talk about the challenge this group had climbing K2… one of the members was injured and they needed to bring him down or risk losing the life of this team member
  • 6:43 PM henryjz – they risked their own lives so that they all would come down and bring the injured team member to medical help
  • 6:47 PM henryjz – we need to help the children in our lives understand that when things fall apart, that God is still there… he might be the only thing to cling to
  • 6:50 PM henryjz – we can get discouraged when we know what goes on in the lives of some our children
  • 6:50 PM henryjz – what would we say to kids to inspire them to hang on?
  • 6:51 PM henryjz – this is where our unrelenting commitment to God and them come in… “Follow me as I follow Christ”… “clip into me” because life can be hard, and I won”t leave you behind because Jesus doesn’t leave us behind
  • 6:52 PM henryjz – tammy is coming on stage
  • 6:52 PM henryjz – tammy is praying
  • 6:54 PM henryjz – tammy sharing her first experience with children’s ministry… she had no idea what to do πŸ™‚
  • 6:54 PM henryjz – wonders if she even knows what she is doing now πŸ™‚ or faking it πŸ™‚
  • 6:56 PM henryjz – what those who we minister to need most from us is… our connection to God
  • 6:57 PM henryjz – it’s more important than ANYTHING else
  • 6:57 PM henryjz – Jn 15:5
  • 7:00 PM henryjz – Children’s ministry is hard, but Jesus says his yoke is “light”
  • 7:00 PM henryjz – What?
  • 7:00 PM henryjz – God can’t know… he didn’t do children’s ministry πŸ™‚
  • 7:00 PM henryjz – maybe he does know πŸ™‚
  • 7:01 PM henryjz – This isn’t about “making the ministry easy”… the ministry is always going to be difficult
  • 7:01 PM henryjz – We are always going to need volunteers, have trouble getting 3 year olds to sit, sound system will always crash πŸ™‚
  • 7:01 PM henryjz – Just accept that ministry is hard
  • 7:03 PM henryjz – Is your heart closely connected to Jesus? Do you know what your heart needs to stay connected to Jesus?
  • 7:03 PM henryjz – there are no cookie cutter answers… it’s individual
  • 7:03 PM henryjz – these are called our Key Connectors
  • 7:03 PM henryjz – One of Tammy’s is journaling
  • 7:05 PM henryjz – we all need to practice one of the spiritual disciplines
  • 7:08 PM henryjz – as we practice the spiritual disciplines, we serve out of God’s strength because we take in God and then serve out of abundance
  • 7:11 PM henryjz – another connector with Tammy came about from seeing a counselor… she needed to make time for herself and enjoy life
  • 7:11 PM henryjz – making time for yourself, you get to experience the love of God through others and experience joy
  • 7:12 PM henryjz – Key Connectors can keep our lives fresh…
  • 7:12 PM henryjz – things like rest, sleep, good food, friends
  • 7:12 PM henryjz – What are the things that keep your heart and mind refreshed and connected to God
  • 7:12 PM henryjz – another of Tammy’s key connectors
  • 7:13 PM henryjz – new ministry challenges
  • 7:13 PM henryjz – it’s stepping out on a new adventure… maybe taking on something new or maybe revamping something or retrying something old that could work again
  • 7:15 PM henryjz – “the greatest thing to give those who you are serving is a heart connected to God”
  • 7:17 PM henryjz – now attendees are given a chance to see how they connect with God so they can give themsleves reminders to do that
  • 7:18 PM henryjz – Nothing you do this ministry year is more important than connecting with God
  • 7:18 PM henryjz – God WANTS to be connected to us
  • 7:19 PM henryjz – tammy praying
  • 7:20 PM henryjz – branden back up leading in song
  • 7:23 PM henryjz – another great ending to a great conference… i’ll be posting my thoughts on all the sessions and breakouts over the next couple of days!!! in the meantime, check out the Conspire site for blogs about some sessions and interact there!

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