Conspire 09 Live Blog – General Session 4

  • 4:54 PM henryjz – led in worship by branden
  • 4:54 PM henryjz – now watching a drama about connecting with families
  • 4:59 PM henryjz – drama is done
  • 4:59 PM henryjz – mark and david coming on stage
  • 5:00 PM henryjz – mark praying
  • 5:02 PM henryjz – mark talking about growing up in camping ministry
  • 5:03 PM henryjz – ppl would come to camp, get fired up, then when he went to visit those churches they would have no passion
  • 5:04 PM henryjz – becuase of his experience, he went the route of just taking the kids and doing it all… better if parents not even involved
  • 5:05 PM henryjz – asked to be a part of a survey to see if kids were growing in their Christianity
  • 5:07 PM henryjz – significant religious influences were… mom
  • 5:07 PM henryjz – then dad
  • 5:07 PM henryjz – then pastor
  • 5:07 PM henryjz – then gradparent
  • 5:07 PM henryjz – then sunday school
  • 5:07 PM henryjz – then youth group
  • 5:07 PM henryjz – then church camp
  • 5:07 PM henryjz – then retreats
  • 5:08 PM henryjz – no mention of youth pastor or children’s pastor
  • 5:08 PM henryjz – because of this survey, david realized that parents were WAY more important than church programs
  • 5:08 PM henryjz – not that programs aren’t important, they are good… but parents are more important
  • 5:12 PM henryjz – “The greatest challenge facing church today is how to reestablish home as primary place where faith is nurtured thorugh our existing ministry structures”
  • 5:13 PM henryjz – Two approaches
  • 5:14 PM henryjz – (just a note to those of you following… i am being objective and reporting what is being said in this session… i will post my personal thoughts later)
  • 5:14 PM henryjz – mark drawing a picture of church segmented into separate silos
  • 5:15 PM henryjz – nursery, then children, then youth, then adult, then adult, then senior… and then add family ministry
  • 5:15 PM henryjz – when you ADD family stuff, at best get 40% to show up
  • 5:17 PM henryjz – “you can be a church WITH family ministry or a church that focuses on family ministry”
  • 5:17 PM henryjz – they are going to work through the different silos and show what that looks like
  • 5:17 PM henryjz – so in nursery….
  • 5:19 PM henryjz – parents come and want us to dedicate or baptize children… so it’s church-centered
  • 5:20 PM henryjz – we need to see dedication or baptism as the beginning of a partnership with the family
  • 5:23 PM henryjz – dedication becomes a time where parents commit to raising child to know Christ and community dedicating themselves to parents
  • 5:24 PM henryjz – now looking at children’s ministry…
  • 5:24 PM henryjz – dave coming up to share
  • 5:24 PM henryjz – “It’s not that hard”
  • 5:25 PM henryjz – We ask ourselves this question, “What is happening in a home where a relationship with Christ is being lived out?”
  • 5:25 PM henryjz – blessing, prayer, service happening, bible reading, worship, devotions
  • 5:26 PM henryjz – then ask, “Now, how can we as CM help our families look more like that?”
  • 5:26 PM henryjz – dave breaks it down by age
  • 5:26 PM henryjz – incorporate a new faith practice each year
  • 5:26 PM henryjz – 1. take it home events
  • 5:28 PM henryjz – What are the basic components of these take it home events
  • 5:28 PM henryjz – there are 4 things: motivate, model, practice and provide
  • 5:28 PM henryjz – Motivate: remind them of the impact parents have
  • 5:29 PM henryjz – remind that kids with faith are less likely to be involved in risky practices
  • 5:29 PM henryjz – remind that kids with faith are more “successful”
  • 5:29 PM henryjz – Model: show them EXACTLY what we’re asking you to do
  • 5:30 PM henryjz – there are a lot of families that didn’t do any of these things growing up so don’t know WHAT to do
  • 5:31 PM henryjz – Practice: first time you do anything it’s intimidating
  • 5:33 PM henryjz – Provide: give them tools they can take home and use
  • 5:33 PM henryjz – it shows that you are serious about it and you set up expectations for the family
  • 5:34 PM henryjz – they will rise to your expectations
  • 5:34 PM henryjz – dave is going to show examples of each of these
  • 5:35 PM henryjz – Motivate: share stories of what families are doing
  • 5:37 PM henryjz – Model: do a “drama” to show how easy it is
  • 5:38 PM henryjz – Practice: Give out Operation Christmas Child boxes, and set up store for families to start filling it up… then go out and fill it the rest of the way together
  • 5:39 PM henryjz – Provide: giving a “faith chest” of resources, give them a ring of pictures of ppl to pray for
  • 5:39 PM henryjz – “What is your goal of doing these events and how do you evaluate?”
  • 5:40 PM henryjz – the goal is the carry over (what happens at home after the event) not how the event went
  • 5:41 PM henryjz – Mark is back up
  • 5:41 PM henryjz – age 3 – blessing
  • 5:41 PM henryjz – 4 – prayer
  • 5:41 PM henryjz – 7- devotions
  • 5:41 PM henryjz – 9 – worship
  • 5:41 PM henryjz – ask parents to come one sunday a year with their kids
  • 5:41 PM henryjz – for a take it home experience
  • 5:42 PM henryjz – at mark’s church they let families know 2 weeks in advance and parents HAVE to go on those Sundays with their kids
  • 5:43 PM henryjz – they’ve had up to 60% retention rate over the years of ppl coming back year after year
  • 5:44 PM henryjz – If parent doesn’t show up, then SS teacher becomes surrogate parent for that event
  • 5:45 PM henryjz – what do you do when you start when kids are older and you’ve missed all the previous years’ of things to learn/do?
  • 5:47 PM henryjz – what about youth ministry?
  • 5:49 PM henryjz – need to have stuff at home and church and working with parents to encourage them
  • 5:50 PM henryjz – dave talk about grade 8 retreats that went great… but find that kids not talking with it at home
  • 5:50 PM henryjz – dave changed so that parents would hear about what their kids learn at retreat
  • 5:52 PM henryjz – using example of “sex” retreat for jr. highers… as kids talk about it at retreat, parents are given info on how to talk about sex with their kids… when kids come home, parents and kids come together for a session together… opened communication of kids and parents
  • 5:53 PM henryjz – what about men’s ministry, women’s ministry?
  • 5:53 PM henryjz – equipping them to be best moms and dads at home
  • 5:53 PM henryjz – all ministries focus on helping faith at home
  • 5:53 PM henryjz – Mark “Language matters”
  • 5:54 PM henryjz – Keys for Becoming a Faith @ Home Church
  • 5:54 PM henryjz – 1. Language matters… what it is called means something
  • 5:54 PM henryjz – “don’t call it family ministry” call it faith at home… that has worked for Mark and his church
  • 5:55 PM henryjz – 2. Sr. Pastor Buy-In
  • 5:55 PM henryjz – sr. pastors are already bought in most of the time… just don’t know how to do it
  • 5:57 PM henryjz – there are other things besides faith @ home that cross ministries… you & evangelism, you & faith @ home, you & the church, you & the world
  • 5:58 PM henryjz – so evaluate ministries on how they do with those four categories
  • 5:59 PM henryjz – FAQ
  • 5:59 PM henryjz – Can one event a year make a difference?
  • 6:00 PM henryjz – stories at his church have shown that they do
  • 6:01 PM henryjz – Resources: Take It Home, Building Faith at Home, Faith Begins at Home
  • 6:04 PM henryjz – Mark closing by encouraging ppl to lead, take the resources and make it work in your context
  • 6:05 PM henryjz – Mark praying
  • 6:05 PM henryjz – 15 minute break!

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2 thoughts on “Conspire 09 Live Blog – General Session 4

  1. Sam says:

    Who are Mark and Dave? I would love to read more about them as well as get your thoughts.

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