Conspire 2009 Live Blogging – Breakout Session C

  • 8:55 PM henryjz – larry intro and talked about The Mentoring Project a bit, which is an initiative to mentor kids without fathers
  • 8:56 PM henryjz – why would anyone want to keep track of kid culture?
  • 8:57 PM henryjz – if you love someone you keep tabs on their culture
  • 8:57 PM henryjz – larry discussing example of him and his wife and understanding where each other come from
  • 8:57 PM henryjz – larry’s contact info
  • 8:58 PM henryjz – we study culture because god has called us to love the world and we need to be aware of the greater culutre around us
  • 8:59 PM henryjz – Trend One: Outsiders View Christianity as the Disease and Not the Cure
  • 9:00 PM henryjz – 9/11 became a cultural marker for religion
  • 9:01 PM henryjz – unChristian is a must read
  • 9:02 PM henryjz – the book outlines objections raised by outsiders that fall into six broad themes:
  • 9:02 PM henryjz – 1. too hypocritical
  • 9:02 PM henryjz – 2.too focused on getting converts
  • 9:03 PM henryjz – we’re just looking for notches on our belts
  • 9:03 PM henryjz – give impression that we are more interested in ppl saying sinners prayer
  • 9:03 PM henryjz – 3. perceived as anti homosexual
  • 9:03 PM henryjz – 4. too sheltered
  • 9:04 PM henryjz – we’re seen as old fashioned, boring, and disconnected
  • 9:04 PM henryjz – 5.Christians are too political: We are viewed as being too politically conservative and as lobbyists.
  • 9:05 PM henryjz – 6. Christians are viewed as being judgmental: We are seen as being quick to judge others. Outsiders see us as not being honest about our attitudes and perspectives about other people. They doubt that we really love people as we say we do.
  • 9:05 PM henryjz – why does this all matter for children’s ministry?
  • 9:06 PM henryjz – assumed that kids would go through cm, grow up, stay in church, get married, have kids and their kids be part of church
  • 9:06 PM henryjz – because of what church is perceived to be, they are now choosing to drop out and not coming back even with their kids
  • 9:07 PM henryjz – there are some questions now about what was just shared
  • 9:08 PM henryjz – larry clarifying that we are not just looked at something “that might be good for you” but now seen as dangerous
  • 9:08 PM henryjz – we’re seen as more than just weird but potentially dangerous
  • 9:09 PM henryjz – question: is this just a cycle?
  • 9:09 PM henryjz – larry: yes, look at the enlightenment
  • 9:10 PM henryjz – question: is it OK to be friends with atheistic religion (from a high school student in the session)
  • 9:10 PM henryjz – larry: absolutely. however we’ve taught kids to isolate themselves so they aren’t exposed to “bad” people
  • 9:11 PM henryjz – the six things that are listed here aren’t just PR problems, they are sins we need to repent of and change
  • 9:12 PM henryjz – q: shouldn’t there be a difference between “making friends” and showing love when it comes to my kids?
  • 9:12 PM henryjz – larry: there is the concern of character cracks… but i don’t know how to teach my kids how to love someone without letting them be friends… it’s tricky
  • 9:13 PM henryjz – larry: it comes down to parental discernment and involvement… there is no cookie cutter answer to this
  • 9:14 PM henryjz – larry: with the issue of “foundations”… loving god and loving others (by befriending them) is foundations
  • 9:14 PM henryjz – larry: we need to not teach our kids to disengage; we’ve been given a message of engagement
  • 9:16 PM henryjz – time for an exercise! get in groups and talk about structuring a CM to reverse the trends from unChristian
  • 9:19 PM henryjz – serve for no other reason than to serve
  • 9:19 PM henryjz – at early ages, stop using labels
  • 9:20 PM henryjz – build into curriculum that behaviour does not determine if God loves me or not
  • 9:20 PM henryjz – create new heroes for your kids like Martin Luther King, Jr. and other modern heroes to put in front of your kids
  • 9:26 PM henryjz –
  • 9:27 PM henryjz – Trend Two: The Changing Face of the Available Volunteer
  • 9:27 PM henryjz – in the 50’s, who was the most available volunteer?
  • 9:27 PM henryjz – mom!
  • 9:28 PM henryjz – along came 90s and 2000s, mom is now at work
  • 9:28 PM henryjz – 2 new groups to go after
  • 9:28 PM henryjz – Retiring Boomers
  • 9:29 PM henryjz – 1. They want to make a difference (as opposed to a contribution).
  • 9:29 PM henryjz – 2. They are not afraid to commit when they are able to see the payoff. (What’s in it for me?)
  • 9:29 PM henryjz – 3. They want flexibility. As retirees, they are enjoying new freedoms. They want to set their own hours; they might want to take extended vacations.
  • 9:30 PM henryjz – Don’t just give them menial jobs, they were professionals and want to use their skills to contribute
  • 9:33 PM henryjz – The other group are the Milennials
  • 9:34 PM henryjz – 1. They are impatient.
  • 9:35 PM henryjz – 2. They don’t go to the library, they Google for information.
  • 9:35 PM henryjz – 3. They are as apt to shop on-line as go to the store.
  • 9:35 PM henryjz – 4. Video game expectations: you beat the level and you are automatically promoted.
  • 9:36 PM henryjz – This means that they enter the workforce and rapidly grow and want to get to the next level immediately
  • 9:37 PM henryjz – We need to restructure our volunteer structure to allow Milennials to move up at their own pace and not get stuck
  • 9:37 PM henryjz – 5. They are multi-taskers.
  • 9:38 PM henryjz – 8-18 year olds take in 8 hours a day of screens if you take into account multi tasking
  • 9:39 PM henryjz – 6. Media multi-taskers. Kaiser report. They’ve spend up to a quarter of their day taking in media.
  • 9:39 PM henryjz – 7. They are more adaptive
  • 9:39 PM henryjz – 8. Allow them to create their own processes—they might be faster than yours.
  • 9:40 PM henryjz – 9. They think digitally.
  • 9:40 PM henryjz – 10. They are tolerant.
  • 9:40 PM henryjz – 11. They are looking for causes.
  • 9:40 PM henryjz – 12. They are team players, but they want to make a unique impression.
  • 9:42 PM henryjz – When you recruit a Milennial, don’t tell them how to do the job. Let them customize. Yes, make sure they are doing it right but let them put their stamp on it.
  • 9:43 PM henryjz – 13. They want to be mentored by adults they trust.
  • 9:44 PM henryjz – They want ppl supervising them in their ministries to mentor them spiritually
  • 9:44 PM henryjz – exercise time! choose a demographic
  • 9:44 PM henryjz – Develop a recruiting strategy that appeals to their general characteristics
    Develop a retention strategy to keep these generation in your ministry
  • 9:48 PM henryjz – Trend Three: The Falling Price of Technology
  • 9:51 PM henryjz – you cannot use video to replace volunteers
  • 9:51 PM henryjz – we’re moving backwards sometimes and installing electronic flannelgraph
  • 9:51 PM henryjz – use video, but use it to be interactive
  • 9:52 PM henryjz – Marshal McLuhan states that technology extends parts of our abilities and amputates others
  • 9:52 PM henryjz – for example, cars extend your legs but amputate your ears and mouth
  • 9:53 PM henryjz – computers extend your mouth and ears, and amputate your penmanship
  • 9:54 PM henryjz – TV extends (your stomach, ha, from someone in the session) your eyes and ears, but amputates your imagination, relationships, mouth
  • 9:55 PM henryjz – we only remember 10% of what we see and hear in a month, 40% of what we discuss, 80% of what we do, 90% of what we teach
  • 9:55 PM henryjz – when we rely on video, we amputate the needed things to extend learning
  • 9:56 PM henryjz – content isn’t the only thing that matters
  • 9:56 PM henryjz – LARRY DOESN’T HATE VIDEO CURRICULUM! – he told me to say that
  • 9:57 PM henryjz – evaluate video on it’s ability to launch a fantastic conversation
  • 9:58 PM henryjz – question: does curriculum in general amputate our own Bible study?
  • 9:58 PM henryjz – larry: maybe, but it shouldn’t
  • 10:01 PM henryjz – we need to hang on to the metaphor behind video, which is non-linear learning
  • 10:01 PM henryjz – end of session, ppl can stay if they want to talk
  • 10:02 PM henryjz – time for dinner! and back tomorrow for 2 general sessions!

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  1. […] Elemental Children’s Ministry added an interesting post on Conspire 2009 Live Blogging – Breakout Session CHere’s a small excerpt9:11 PM henryjz – the six things that are listed here aren’t just PR problems, they are sins we need to repent of and change 9:10 PM henryjz – larry: absolutely. however we’ve taught kids to isolate themselves so they aren’t exposed to “bad” people 9:10 PM henryjz – question: is it OK to be friends with atheistic religion (from a high school student in the session) 9:09 PM henryjz – larry: yes, look at the enlightenment 9:09 PM henryjz – question: is this just a cycle? […]

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