Live Blog How to Tell Your Story through New Media (and save money)

  • 1:25 AM henryjz – visual storytelling is just that… storytelling… you don’t say everything in it
  • 1:27 AM henryjz – conversation with Brent Gudgel and Dave Mahnes from Chronicle Project and Dan Portnoy
  • 1:28 AM henryjz – dynamic sites make a big difference for ppl to come back
  • 1:30 AM henryjz – Q: How do you get a story out there in a short amount of time with limiting resources? Is there a framework or structure you can set up without it becoming boring?
  • 1:31 AM henryjz – just because you can tell a story doesn’t mean you should tell it all the time so that you have more time to put a quality story out there
  • 1:32 AM henryjz – there is a diconnect between the decision makers and the artists many times… best time is to communicate with each other better
  • 1:34 AM henryjz – on ministry websites what should you do and not do?
  • 1:35 AM henryjz – don’t do black and white pics to add drama… e.g. “homeless people… awwww”
  • 1:35 AM henryjz – don’t try to manipulate
  • 1:36 AM henryjz – if you have dynamic engines (like Flash) make sure they are dynamic and get updated
  • 1:37 AM henryjz – how do you get ppl to stay on your site?
  • 1:38 AM henryjz – got to be clean: visual, white space, good fonts, invest in decent CSS, allow easy access to other areas
  • 1:38 AM henryjz – make your site easy to update by those who aren’t “computer savvy”
  • 1:42 AM henryjz – website needs to reflect your values… put the important thing on the front page and make clicking through a discovery process
  • 1:43 AM henryjz – open source is great!
  • 1:44 AM henryjz – what is best/cheapest way to get started when you don’t know computer talk
  • 1:50 AM henryjz – figure out what you want first
  • 1:50 AM henryjz – that’s called development
  • 1:50 AM henryjz – then you can pay someone to build it all the way to using free sources to build yourself
  • 1:51 AM henryjz – don’t let tech push your message… let your message push the tech
  • 1:51 AM henryjz – if you really don’t do computer… use the money to have someone do it when you can
  • 2:00 AM henryjz – work from the simple solution first and work up from there
  • 2:05 AM henryjz – how do you promote streaming
  • 2:06 AM henryjz – do you promote it, even?
  • 2:08 AM henryjz – promoting digital media with traditional media
  • 2:09 AM henryjz – business cards… pass them out
  • 2:10 AM henryjz – where is your audience? what do they want? go where they are?
  • 2:11 AM henryjz – what about twitter? what’s that all about?
  • 2:11 AM henryjz – it’s social media so it has to be social
  • 2:14 AM henryjz – twitter is like a cocktail party
  • 2:18 AM henryjz – in going to twitter, what would be your line?
  • 2:24 AM henryjz – when putting together a web presence, you need to find out the relaitonships
  • 2:28 AM henryjz – Orbiting the Giant Hairball… book on communicating creative process to management
  • 2:31 AM henryjz – there also ways to use mobile to interact with your audience… it’s growing
  • 2:33 AM henryjz – Mobile Cause is a way to set up faith-based giving via mobile… because mobile service carriers have waived all fees for non-profit giving

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