Part 2 of General Session on Second Day of Idea Camp-Feb 28, 2009

  • 9:16 PM henryjz – I couldn’t get a wifi connection for the first part, so here is the second part… I took notes during the first part, which was a panel of women leaders, which I will post a little later
  • 9:17 PM henryjz – watching video on Just One project called Laundry Love where they put coins into laundromat machines for ppl to be able to do their laundry in area of working poor
  • 9:21 PM henryjz – Intorduce Zach Hunter and Conner Cress
  • 9:22 PM henryjz – Zach: founded Loose Change to Loosen Chains at 13.. now 17… to fight slavery… bring awareness of organizations who are fighting slavery
  • 9:23 PM henryjz – Conner: organization to help provide clean water called Dry Tears… started small and it grew fast!
  • 9:24 PM henryjz – Charles: How did you two meet
  • 9:24 PM henryjz – Conner: We met at summer camp
  • 9:25 PM henryjz – Charles: tell us about Generation Change
  • 9:25 PM henryjz – Zach: that was the second book and third coming out… 🙂
  • 9:27 PM henryjz – Zach: wrote the book because my gen wants to be involved but don’t know how to help and organizations don’t know how to connect with us
  • 9:27 PM henryjz – Zach: working on web portal for that
  • 9:27 PM henryjz – Charles: If you want to help with that idea, please text and we’ll connect you with Zach
  • 9:28 PM henryjz – Q: writing books, speaking and stuff isn’t typical for a kid… don’t you want to be “normal”?
  • 9:28 PM henryjz – Zach: Normal?
  • 9:29 PM henryjz – Zach: I don’t want to be a part of “typical” teen expectations… there are higher expectations out there for us
  • 9:29 PM henryjz – Conner: got passions and supportive family and feel normal but want to make a difference
  • 9:31 PM henryjz – Charles: You all have supportive families… what would you say to parents who want to raise their kids to be compassionate
  • 9:32 PM henryjz – Zach: Can’t hide us from the ugly in world so don’t be afraid to talk about realities of suffering in age appropriate ways
  • 9:32 PM henryjz – Conner: my parents always prayed for me
  • 9:32 PM henryjz – Conner: you’ve got to give your children to God and pray a lot for them
  • 9:33 PM henryjz – Charles: what’s next with dry tears?
  • 9:33 PM henryjz – Conner: I have no idea 🙂 Wherever God wants to take it
  • 9:34 PM henryjz –
  • 9:34 PM henryjz – Conner: other ideas i have: Hydration Nation-there are parts in US that don’t have clean water and want to see that fixed
  • 9:34 PM henryjz – Charles: anything else to add?
  • 9:34 PM henryjz – Zach: there’s so much!
  • 9:35 PM henryjz – Zach: for leaders (adults): encourage you to not be wet blankets on our ideas… believe that God is big for us, too
  • 9:36 PM henryjz – Zach: for youth: don’t let ppl look down on you… you are the someone to make change
  • 9:36 PM henryjz – Conner: was told that issue of clean water was too big to make a difference… what’s with that?
  • 9:37 PM henryjz – Conner: support us
  • 9:37 PM henryjz – Charles: ask one person to come up and pray for these guys
  • 9:40 PM henryjz – Charles: if you want to help them, please send me email so that these guys can be teenagers and not flooded with ppl… please respect them and keep them from becoming “trophies”… instead let’s pray for them and support them… don’t stalk them
  • 9:40 PM henryjz – closing general session to go to lunch

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