Live Blog – Conversion and Cognitive Understanding – Shah Afshar

  • 7:11 PM henryjz – Can an illiterate Hindu who hears “the gospel” one time and prays the sinners prayer be a Christian?
  • 7:12 PM henryjz – Note from henry: I was late… sorry… came into conversation midstream
  • 7:13 PM henryjz – When is someone “in”?
  • 7:15 PM henryjz – Does he have to “give up” his 4 million other Gods?
  • 7:15 PM henryjz – Can he still be “in” while being devout hindu and searching for truth?
  • 7:17 PM henryjz – Can you know if your neighbour is “in” by just fitting in a box?
  • 7:22 PM henryjz – There is a lot of great conversation going on… hard to put it into notes…
  • 7:22 PM henryjz – Shah is reading another story
  • 7:23 PM henryjz – Can someone who is gay and professes Christianity still be a Christian?
  • 7:37 PM henryjz – Conversion is a process
  • 7:44 PM henryjz – We aren’t “there” yet, either so we can’t be so black and white
  • 7:45 PM henryjz – We need to be willing to struggle and still be in relationship
  • 7:48 PM henryjz – How long does the “process” of being a Christian need to be before you are a Christian?
  • 7:51 PM henryjz – Conversion is not a one-shot deal for everyone… it’s a process
  • 7:55 PM henryjz – We need to go from “bounded set”… a simple definition of conversion to “center set”
  • 7:56 PM henryjz – At the center is Christ… we are either walking towards the center or away from it
  • 7:56 PM henryjz – and walking towards Christ isn’t always what we think it is… the point is struggling to walk towards Christ
  • 7:58 PM henryjz – a centered set is flexible… but we don’t know if they are in or out… that isn’t the right question… the point is having relationship and helping them towards Christ
  • 7:59 PM henryjz – don’t think someone is “in” because they have the right answers and “out” because wrong answers… where is their relationship with Christ…
  • 8:00 PM henryjz – What a great conversation!!! Check out the link on the right for Shahshanked Redemption blog to see more of where Shah is coming from.

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