Blogs I'm Following

I thought I’d put a brief list of blogs that I follow via Bloglines. BTW, if you don’t already use a newsreader for reading your blogs, then you might want to think of doing so. there are plenty of them out there like Bloglines, Google Reader and Newsgator.

Children’s Ministry Related Blogs

Business/Leadership Blogs

Some Blogs I File Under Inspirational/Fun

Theological Blogs

Parenting Blogs


Some Other Blogs

What blogs are you reading? Any suggestions?


    7 thoughts on “Blogs I'm Following

    1. Steve Tanner says:

      Hey, thanks for including both SteveandAmySly and BevReview. It's obvious that you need to broaden your blogging horizons, however! 🙂

    2. henryjz says:

      ha! including your blogs are broadening my horizons… as well as that of others. it's all about diversity! life is boring if you only stay with one genre or niche in what you are exposed to 🙂

    3. Desiree says:

      Well, That is definitely more blogs than I follow! I was curious though about the two emergent ones in the theology section. Why do you follow those? Don't emergents reject sola scriptura? I read the McKnight article expressing theological separation of emergent/ emerging… Anyway, why do you follow it? Do you distinguish yourself from them???

    4. henryjz says:

      I'm not sure which blogs you are referring to. I know that Brian McLaren is part of the Emergent Village conversation, so I'm assuming that one is one of the ones you are talking about. Scot McKnight is not part of Emergent Village and would categorize himself as an Evangelical, which I would agree with. Maybe you are talking about Jim Palmer??? Anyway… moot point :)I follow a variety of blogs with a variety of opinions so that I do not live in a bubble and isolate myself from influences I may not completely agree with. I like to hear, see and read broadly so I have a greater appreciation and understanding of what I believe. Also, it gives me a broader understanding of where other people are coming from thus allowing me to be more gracious and understanding when I encounter people from different viewpoints. Also, people I don't necessarily agree with will ask great questions that I would never think to ask.I know that not everyone works this way. I also know that it isn't beneficial for everyone. I posted this just to give those who read Elemental to see what I am reading. I also am curious to hear from others about who and what they read.

    5. Desiree says:

      (Yes, the other one I was referring to Jim Palmer).Thanks for clarifying. I thought that may be the case but wasn't sure exactly what the purpose of listing the blogs was. Were you recommending or just listing? But you answered my Q.The one I follow most is

    6. Medela says:

      Another very informative post, I was aware of google reader but wasn't aware of bloglines!

    7. henryjz says:

      Glad that this post was helpful. I prefer Bloglines… I just am scared of too much of my stuff on Google 🙂 Irrational fear? Probably 🙂

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