Twilight Hits Theatres this weekend

If you haven’t seen or heard all the teenage girls swooning over Edward Cullen, then you might not be aware that a popular teen novel series called Twilight has hit theatres this weekend. While many of us in CM won’t run into too many littler kids who might know about Edward and Bella, we will run into preteen girls (grades 4-6) who will be all too aware of this romantic couple. Here is a link to a review by Time Magazine on the movie. I will be watching the movie in the next couple of days and submitting a review to Kidology. When I do, I will post the link to that review.

What are your thoughts on the Twilight series? The main hero, you may not know, is a vampire (a “vegetarian” vampire who only hunts animals and not humans) and thus adds to the intrigue of these stories. Have you run into any kids in your ministries who’ve read the books and plan to/have seen the movie? I’d be interested to hear some thoughts, and I’m sure others who read this blog would be interested as well. I’ll post my thoughts after I see the movie and write the Kidology review.


3 thoughts on “Twilight Hits Theatres this weekend

  1. Brian Jones says:


    Just a few very quick thoughts:

    I thought one of the best parts of the books was the allegory of blood lust to, I guess, the more normal sexual lust that humans experience. The emotions that Edward and Bella experience, how powerful the thirst for Bella’s blood is to him… how it is something that would kill her. How Bella wants to be turned into a vampire now, how Edward wants to get married first, how those feelings then switch through the course of their relationship. I thought that was kind of a clever way to talk about lust (or desire).

    Also, there’s the wedding, and how they both discover that the feelings they thought would die down, only grew stronger.

    I’ll post more comments when I think of stuff I liked, or didn’t like, about the books.


  2. Brian Jones says:

    I don’t mind at all. Send me a link to your finished review.


  3. henryjz says:

    Great thoughts. I am getting ready to write my review for Kidology, and I’ll add those thoughts to the review. I hadn’t gotten that far in my thinking through it yet, but I do see that. I hope you don’t mind me doing that 🙂

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