100 posts old!

As of the last post, I’ve written 100 blog posts on Elemental Children’s Ministry! This is 101… Just thought I’d let everyone know 🙂

What have been some of the most clicked-on posts?

People have found the blog by searching for everything from “childrens minstry” to “dara torres training regiment” to “elemental feeding.”
Some other sites that people have clicked over from include Kidology.org, Stuff Christians Like, Children’s Ministry and Culture and Tired Supergirl.
This blog has even had visitors from 12 different countries including the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia, Philippines and Turkey!
Thanks to all of you who continue to read Elemental Children’s Ministry. It’s been fun interacting with a number of you through the comments. Let’s keep the conversation going! Let’s continue to work out what this thing called children’s ministry is.

6 thoughts on “100 posts old!

  1. Desiree says:

    Yoooooo!!!!!! Congrats Zdog.

  2. Steve Tanner says:

    Henry, big time congrats on the milestone. That’s a huge one for any blog. Nice job!

  3. Desiree says:

    Okay, I know there isn’t any topic today but I will still ask questions anyway because that’s what I do… ;-). My question is… Why isn’t my name red?! I want my name to be red. I know, I’m such a trouble maker…
    Again, congrats Anré ;-). I almost forgot about that name!

  4. Desiree says:

    Wow. I think I just got dissed. You think you’re soooo special!

  5. henryjz says:

    It’s because you don’t have a website linked to your name 🙂

  6. henryjz says:

    Ha! No… The red just means that you filled in the “Website” part of the comment feedback form. It links to your website if you have one.

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