It Takes Time

Helping leaders become leaders of leaders takes time. It isn’t for the faint of heart, especially in a volunteer setting. I know that this isn’t new, but I need to remind myself of that. There is no quick route or 3-step miracle plan to instantly have leaders of leaders. It takes time. It takes trust. It takes letting go.

You hear speakers or read books that outline structures showing you leading Zone leaders who lead coaches who lead small group leaders who lead students (or however you want to name your subdivisions). It’s made out to sound as if all you have to do is start plugging people into these roles and you have instant leaders of leaders. There’s nothing instant about it. I forget that developing leaders of leaders isn’t a sprint… it’s a marathon.

Picture by darkmatter


2 thoughts on “It Takes Time

  1. I agree it’s a marathon. But what do you do if the area you live in only keeps people for sprints (3 months-2 years top)?

    That is what I am trying to answer. If only I people stayed for marathons;0)

  2. henryjz says:

    I guess that’s when you have to get good at identifying people who are already leaders of leaders and getting them on your team. Eric Bryant had a cool quote from Roosevelt on a recent post of his –>

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