Shh… Just be quiet…

I was just recently at a conference where we were challenged to be quiet to listen to God. It was preceded creatively by text on a screen that we read through as if the screen were doing a monologue, so we were forced to be quiet before given the challenge to be quiet and listen to God. I really liked it and the way it was done. In the midst of all the busyness and excitement of being at a conference and having listened to general sessions and breakouts the previous two days, we were challenged to put all that aside and just listen to God.

The funny thing about this exercise was how many people, all of a sudden, had to cough. We are so conditioned to not have quiet that unconsciously some people filled in the silence with a cough. It was contagious! One person coughed, then another and then another. It wasn’t a cacophony of coughing. It was just a smattering of coughing, but it was interesting nonetheless. Some of you are probably thinking, “Well, you should’ve been concentrating on God rather than listening to the coughing!” You’re right. I, too, struggled to just be quiet and listen to God. I think we all, especially those of us who are leaders, need to practice silence more often.


4 thoughts on “Shh… Just be quiet…

  1. karl says:


  2. henryjz says:

    Ha ha Karl. Now, SHHH! 🙂

  3. um. I was a cougher. lol – I seriously all of the sudden had this ridiculous tickle in my throat. And I did notice all the other coughing. Do you think maybe SOMEone didn’t really want us to be quiet?

    Gotta wonder … though I hate to give the devil any kind of credit. Who knows?

  4. henryjz says:

    Ha! I wasn’t trying to be critical of the coughers. It was just funny to notice how much we do without conscious thought. We are so conditioned to be around sound constantly that it is uncomfortable to be in silence.

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