Conspire Conference – Overall Impression

I was very pleased at the changes that were made to the conference this year. It felt more like a breath of fresh air than an extended commercial for Promiseland. I also appreciated the Point Leader Summit and the practicality of it. I only wish that we could’ve interacted with the presenters in a smaller setting.

One of the things that did stand out this year was the lack of clear communication from the stage about services like where the men’s restrooms were, that a business centre was available to use and have laptop batteries charged at, what to do at meal times. I was also a bit disappointed that there were a couple of things that I had to order (like the FX 3-pack) instead of being able to pick them up at the conference.

This year they tried to take advantage of forums and blogging during the conference, but no one really took advantage of it. Maybe something that could be done in the future is to give out prizes to people who post on the blog or forums or have guest bloggers do some live blogging and such. Last year at the student ministries conference, they did a good job of getting people to interact online. Maybe the children’s ministry conference planners should check out what student ministries did.

All in all, this year’s conference was really well done. I overheard many positive comments from people. Before the last session I was sitting in the cafe and heard someone say that if the conference hadn’t been so good up to that point, they would be heading home already and not waiting for the last session. One of his team members piped in that he really didn’t want to come but was VERY glad that the leader dragged him along.

Kudos to the planning team. I look forward to perusing the MP3s of the sessions in the next few weeks and letting my team here benefit from it all.


5 thoughts on “Conspire Conference – Overall Impression

  1. Bear says:


    Thank you for your candid comments. I felt a bit lost some of the time (like meals and such), but assumed it was just me.

    I’m blogging about what I came away with at

    Thanks and God bless!

  2. henryjz says:

    I hope I didn’t come off as critical of the conference. I think it was well done. I was just offering some observations and feedback of things that I noticed that could be worked on. There’s always something that can be worked on. All in all, I enjoyed the conference and offer kudos to the planning team.

  3. Rob says:


    I know I am like 5 months late on this post but I just found your blog the other day.

    I went to the Conspire conference for the first time. (wish we could have hooked up while I was there) I have to say I was a little disappointed with the Point Leader part.

    I was expecting to hear things that would be important to only me as a leader. In other words, if someone from the team I lead would have been there, they would feel it wasn’t very applicable to them since they are not the Point Leader.

    I realy liked the lady from Disney. I thought she shared that kind of information. Am I way off on this?

  4. henryjz says:

    I share some of your feelings. I did appreciate the very practical stuff relating to volunteers and I did like the challenge from Christine… but, yeah, I think I would’ve liked the groups to be smaller so that I could interact with other leaders, etc. You do have an expectation when going to a “Point Leader Summit” that you are going to have access to info or people or resources that “regular” attendees wouldn’t have access to and would related very directly with leadership issues.

  5. henryjz says:

    BTW, Rob… glad you found the blog and that you’ve read THIS far back into the archives 🙂

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