Conspire Conference – Point Leader Summit – Session 2

The second session of the Point Leader Summit was entitled, “Leading Teams at Multiple Levels.” It was led by Jody Dreyer. She is a VP at Disney for Marketing. (Yes, another Disney person presenting at Conspire!)

Jody used the word “Synergy” to illustrate the principles of working with multiple teams. Each letter of Synergy stood for one of the principles.

  • Success – Define what success looks like and how you will know when you get there.
  • You are the Key – There MUST be a leader who has the final say. You work with teams but the buck has to stop somewhere, and if you are the leader then lead.
  • Need a Practical, Practiced Plan – It’s important to have a plan that is written down and communicated from the very beginning. It doesn’t have to be all figured out when you begin… just get it down because ideas in your head are just ideas in your head.
  • Engaging Stakeholders Early and Often – Know the teams above, beside and below you. Know what their dreams are, what their fears are and who they are and make sure they are communicated with in the way they need.
  • Rabbits are a Problem – Beware of rabbit trails and quickly evaluate which ones need to be followed and which need to be ignored
  • God is in Charge so Get Out of the Way – seems self explanatory
  • Y Not Have Fun – Take time to enjoy the fun moments and don’t forget to plan in some fun as well.

Again, it was great to see yet another top Disney executive who is committed to following Christ. And it was fun to get some more free stuff from Disney 🙂


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