Conspire Conference – General Session 2

Well, the second session was billed as a “worship experience” before we had left for our break between the first and second session. I was expecting an interactive type of worship session… That it was not.

David Weil was the speaker with Jon Klinepeter also part of it leading some singing segments in between.

David’s main point was that we need to “remain in Christ.” We do that by taking care of sin in our life, broken relationships and watching the pace of our lives. Unfortunately, it felt as if David was not prepared for his talk. It wasn’t engaging or interesting. It sounded like times when I give a talk and am not prepared. OK, maybe that’s harsh, but it didn’t seem like he put a lot of preparation ahead of time into it. Plus, he used a lot of churchy/evangelically terms and terminology. One of his stories was a stock story about a disshelved man who entered a church and sat in the front in the middle aisle because there was no place else for him to sit. An elderly deacon came and sat next to him to everyone’s surprise. He made the parallel that the deacon was Jesus… I don’t see the story that way. The disshelved man would be Jesus in my eyes and the deacon would be what we’re supposed to do… Anyway, that’s a side note. People applauded the story… I’m sorry, I must just be jaded, but it is an overused and hokey story.

I kept finding myself wanting to just have Jon lead the session.


4 thoughts on “Conspire Conference – General Session 2

  1. Jon says:

    I’d love to talk more about your thoughts on this session. I appreciate the complement of the closing line. Shoot me an email when you have a minute.

  2. henryjz says:

    Thanks, Jon, for blessing us with your music and leading of us in song. I will email you.

  3. henryjz says:

    Jon, I don’t have your email address.

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