A Look Back At My Ministry Year

Last night was our annual business meeting. Each of our departments give a brief overview of the year as well as do a little vision casting for our departments. It’s a great way for our general membership to see how the church is doing overall.

It was exciting to see all the different things we did over the past year in children’s ministry at Redwood Kids. In area after area, I was able to talk about growth in kids, growth in leaders, growth in relationships. It was a great exercise and encouragement to me to do that. I have to do it more often than just once a year.

I’m sure you’re all a lot like me. You get caught up in the doing of ministry. You go from one thing to the next and forget the excitement of the previous “thing” you were doing. Last night was a good reminder that I have to take more times throughout the year to give myself a presentation of what has happened in children’s ministry, where God was moving, and where we are going. I spend so much time vision casting to others to keep them motivated; I need to spend some time vision casting to myself. Sounds weird, I know. But, really, as the leader there really isn’t anyone to motivate/vision cast to me about the specific ministry I oversee. So, it is my job to do that with myself. Yes, I can go to conferences and get motivated about CM, in general, and I can get pats on the back from my SP, but I need to spend more time self-leading and self-motivating and self-vision casting. For me, that comes from celebrating acheivements, remembering successes and reliving those moments where God was at work.

How do you vision cast to yourself?


3 thoughts on “A Look Back At My Ministry Year

  1. Pete Wilson says:

    Well done. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks for that post. There’s some great self-leadership stuff init.

  3. henryjz says:

    Thanks Pete and Larry. With all the ups and downs in ministry, it’s good to review the wins more often than we do in order to keep the fire alive.

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