C3 Kids' Conference – Day 3 – General Session 5

This was the closing session for the C3 Kids Conference. A lot of people had left by this session, which always happens because there are people wanting to get home earlier. Unfortunately, those people missed out on a great presentation on utilizing people based on their temperaments.

At Fellowship, there are three temperaments they look at:

  • Dreamer: the person who is creative and has big ideas but doesn’t really know how to set up steps to get to that idea.
  • Developer: the person who loves administration and organization; this person links the vision of the dreamer to reality.
  • Doer: the person who actually does stuff and brings dreams and visions to reality.

They made a point that you should have all three in your teams. The percentages go something like this: 10% dreamers, 20% developers, and 70% doers. You need lots of doers to get a dream into reality.

This session was done in a very casual way where Mike had three of the FC Kids upper level staff share about each of the 3 D’s. It was fun to see each of their creative spins on each. I really liked Mitch Corn’s story of Joshua and the wall of Jericho because of the props involved. Here are the pics:


Seven priests with rams’ horns



It’s the Ark of the Covenant, not Noah’s ark


The formidable wall of Jericho


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