C3 Kids' Conference – Day 3 – Breakout 3 – Kid-cipleship

For my third breakout at the conference, I chose to attend Kid-cipleship. This breakout outlined what FC Kids does to lead kids to make a commitment to Christ and follow through with baptism. The working definition the FC Kids use for discipleship is this, “helping children to apply God’s word to their lives.”

In doing that, FC Kids will have a salvation emphasis about four times a year not counting special events. They start as early as two years old letting children know that God loves them. At seven years old is when they start praying with the children about a commitment to Christ. It’s not that they don’t believe children younger than that aren’t able to do that; it happens to also be the same age when they start baptisms. FC Kids believes that most seven-year-olds have the capacity to understand the symbolism of baptism and it’s significance.

When a child makes a decision to commit his/her life to Christ during one of the salvation emphasis weekends a letter is sent home with the children to let parents know about their child’s interest or decision. They also follow up with a phone call. Kids and parents are, then, invited to a class entitle Kid Faith where they go over some of the basics of doctrine: original sin, salvation and baptism. Parents are required to attend with their kids because it is a way to resource parents and partner with parents in helping their children understand salvation.

FC Kids also holds 4 children’s baptism services a year, and it is put on as a celebration.


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