C3 Kids' Conference – Day 3 – Breakout 2 – FC Kids Leadership Uncensored

For the first breakout on Day 3, I chose to attend FC Kids Leadership Uncensored. I had thought that it was going to be a presentation on the leadership structure of FC Kids and how it all works. It wasn’t exactly like that. Steven Dilla, the preschool director for FC Kids at the Grapevine campus led the breakout. He began by sharing some sobering statistics about ministers and the state of ministry leadership which weren’t very good. His reason for this gloomy state of ministry leadership is that spiritual leadership isn’t doing what spiritual leadership is supposed to do. The first act of spiritual leadership, according to Steven, is to separate light from darkness and let light shine.

Steven then talked about the most important leadership act should be self leadership. There were four parts of self leadership:

  • Maintain equilibrium. Say no to all the “extra” stuff. Say yes to God’s ideas from those around us. And surround yourself with like minded people who can help you grow.
  • Maintain margin. Allow for margin in the planning of your time; don’t schedule things back-to-back. Control email and phone time. And walk around more; get to know those you work with.
  • Keep up strength. Be in scripture daily. Pray daily. Exercise regularly.
  • Take time to refocus. Maintain a sabbath (a time where you don’t produce). Have date nights with your spouse where you are not distracted. Develop a personal vision.

One of the interesting things I noticed about Steven was that I could tell he’s been highly influenced by Rob Bell. I watched too many NOOMA videos. It wasn’t good or bad that Steven is influenced in that way… just interesting. It’s always interesting to know who people are influence by.


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