C3 Kids' Conference – Day 2 – General Session 3

By the time this last session of the day came around, I was pretty tired. The day started at 9:00 a.m., and now it was 3:30. We had received a lot by now, but it was all good and presented in a very creative way that didn’t make you feel overwhelmed. I’m glad Mike Johnson and his team stepped out and tried something different.

The final three principles were presented in this session. The first one was Environment. The theme used was a building program. The main point was “Your Environment Begins Teaching Before You Do.” The two guys talked about the importance of a really dynamic environment. They mentioned keeping the environment fresh looking and clean. They talked about keeping whatever your set is easily changeable and sang the praises of a plotter. (By the way, it would be nice to get one for Redwood. Hint. Hint.) At Fellowship, they use a plotter to print out all their large format stuff. And they have a UVjet printer, which I got to see while on a tour yesterday, that prints directly onto flat surfaces like foamcore! It sprays the ink on, and UV light bakes the ink onto the surface. You can see examples of this type of decoration EVERYWHERE at Fellowship Grapevine and Plano. In fact, all the signage you see in any of the pictures and sets are all printed on that large printer. I digress, though. They also talked about the importance of costuming, sounds, smells and touch as well.


Environment is important!


A two-story LarryBoy is too permanent?

The second principle in this session was Age Appropriate. The theme used for this one was a power plant. What happened was that the plugs got put in the wrong outlets with mismatching voltages, causing a light outage in the city. It is important to put the right plug in the right outlet. The main point was “Teach the Right Things the Right Way to Get the Right Results.” We were reminded that each developmental age group has different needs and we need to be aware of those differences and needs as we teach children.


The wrong Pow-wu-wu-wu-wu-wu-er, gives no power.


The final principle was Salvation. The main point was “Give the Most Important Message the Most Intense Focus.” The theme for this one was a game show called, “Choose a Children’s Pastor.” There were three children’s pastor contestants and a senior pastor was picked to ask them questions. The winner of the show is the one who gets hired on. It was a funny concept for a skit. I’m sure many of us who are in full-time ministry have felt like we were contestants on a game show at the times we were interviewing at churches. The point of this one is that we have to be intentional is presenting the message of Salvation to kids. FC Kids does it once a quarter and builds the entire lesson around it. They take down the names of kids who commit their lives to God so they can do follow-up, which consists of a call home and an invitation to a class called Kid Faith. Parents are required to be at that class. The puppet character from the guitar store skit in the first General Session was one of the children’s pastor contestants. Of course he was so theologically off his rocker. One of the things he said was to tell kids that heaven is like a big candy store because kids like candy and to give them candy when they pray “the Prayer.” He also suggested selling pacifiers for the nursery that say, “Hell Sucks.” That was the most hilarious thing in the world!


I am so glad that senior pastors don’t get to pick CPs like this



Salvation object lesson



Anything to get kids to heaven Jesus’ candy store in the sky
because Jesus is AWESOME!



Let’s buy these for the church nursery!
You can’t start too early

I’m sure you are sitting at the edge of your seat trying to find out which side won and who won the iPod touches. Drumroll, please………..

Team Super Cool won!!!! We didn’t have the most doors, but we had the most points. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the people who won the iPod touch. Oh well, it’s not about winning and losing. It’s about being a good sport, right? Uh….huh….


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