C3 Kids' Conference – Day 2 – General Session 2

The second general session was formatted exactly the same as the first general session. There were three more principles that were highlighted.

Before I move on to those three principles, you may be wondering from the General Session 1 post about the drumrolls and why we were even doing them. Well, we were earning points for our team in the form of doors, since doors are the metaphor that is being used at the conference. Each door had a different number of points on the back which were kept a secret until the end of the general sessions. Two people from the winning team would be randomly picked to win an iPod touch. WooHoo! Now talk about incentive! You’ll have to read the General Session 3 post to find out which team won and if I won or not.


Toilet paper wrap game
(We lost this game)

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program…

The first principle in this session was Fun. The theme of this was a sports team. There was a coach teaching the fundamentals of baseball to his little league team in boring and fun ways. The main point was “When Kids Have Fun Learning, They Will Love To Learn.” Well, duh! Funny thing is that some of us don’t do this well. The gist was that you have to be creative and allow the teaching time to be dynamic. They did make a point of making sure that you do have competitions and incentives, and there will be some people (especially a certain publishing company) that will have issues with that. I think that some competition and incentive is OK. The problem is that stuff like that can easily go overboard. The reason FC Kids gives for why they do competition and incentives is that what better place than the church for children to learn about competition and how to win graciously as well as lose graciously because life is full of competions especially as you get older. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of this one… sorry.

The next principle was All Kids Allowed. This one was done in a newspaper office with one of those Axtell bird puppets (which I still need to order sometime). It was the bird’s first day on the job as a reporter and was made to feel very welcome. The main point was “Everyone Should Feel Welcome.” The point was that we need to make sure that we do what we can to make sure that no new child feels awkward, out of place or alone by introducing them to other children and making sure that everything that is taught is done in such a way that new kids don’t feel like they can’t be a part of what is going on because they don’t know enough or missed previous weeks.


First day on the job!

The final principle for this session was Application. This was themed around a cooking show. It was rather funny. I loved the guest, Chef Whisk! He was very spazy. Chef Whisk tried to teach kids how to make his special cupcakes. It took a few tries… The main point was “Learning Wont’ Stick Unless It Can Be Applied.” It was reinforced that you can’t just tell kids stuff. You need to model if for them, have them interact with the lesson and then review the material to help them remember what was taught. Another point was that kids need help to know what to do with what you teach them.


Chef Whisk (the one in the black hat) failed to show the kids how to make a cake.



Super special, amazing cupcakes!

Before ending this post, I did want to mention that all the main points were done with motions. So, it has been really easy to remember them all 🙂


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