C3 Kids Conference – Day 1 – Check In and Tour of Grapevine Campus

I arrived near noon on Wednesday for check in at the Fellowship Church Grapevine campus. For those of you who don’t know Fellowship Church has four campuses in the Dallas area and one in Miami. Anyway, when I was driving to the Grapevine campus, I drove right by it on the highway. It’s not too clearly obvious what exit to take to the church because Fellowship isn’t set up like many of the churches in the area. It looks like a professional building. That isn’t good or bad, but it does separate itself from the steeples that seem to dot the highway every few hundred feet.

Once I got myself turned around and back to the church, there was ample signage to let me know where to park for the conference, which was amazing. Being one of the first to arrive, I was waved at by the greeter at the door while I parked. There were, at least, three different people who greeted me on the way in. I felt very welcomed. check in in was pretty smooth. We were given a flourescent green silicone wristband as our identification. It was cool!


Another one to add to my arm!
(You can’t see it, but it says, “Creative Genius”)

I joined five other people for a tour with Collin Brooks, one of the animators for the Elevate curriculum as well as a volunteer for the children’s ministry. We got to see all of the different areas in what they call the CCC building (their children’s area) as well as the preschool and nursery areas. I was taken back at all of the stuff that was put together/built by volunteers. For some reason, I had gotten it stuck into my head that you have to buy all the stuff. I am realizing more and more the handicap I really have to get over with casting out a net for volunteers and simply asking people to DO things. It’s one of those “isms” that I have to get over. We have a dinner with the FC Kids staff a bit later tonight and then attend the evening session for the “big people” C3 Conference. Tomorrow is when the C3 Kids Conference kicks into higher gear at the Plano campus.

I apologize, in advance, for the pictures that will be put up in these posts. They were taken with my cell phone.


This was neat to see. It is a large board where they listed all the volunteers who were a part of making the hallway decorations for the year. Every year, they redo the decorations in the children’s minstry area. It’s amazing. I’m not posting too many of those because the pics just didn’t come out well with my cell phone camera.


This is the bottom of a large castle. Note the size compared to the woman in the pic. I couldn’t get the whole thing in the frame… Here’s the top:


Here’s the top of that castle. It’s two stories high with a 10-foot waterfall!


They’ve got two photo booths in the children’s area that are free! I’m going to get in one as soon as I post this! [Note: I found out after posting this that the photo booths are here just for the conference. Still fun!!!]


Here are the photo booth pics as promised. It would’ve been more fun with friends, but oh well.


Being Texas and all, they can do baptisms outside most of the year. Here is where most of them happen. How cool! They do children’s baptisms four times a year.

Now, the rest of the pics are of Mike Johnson’s office. It is huge and definitely a creative space. I’m sure those of us CP would drool at an office like this. I’d just make it a mess.


Cool Elevate table.


Yes, he has a loft in his office! A nice place to just get away and concentrate.


Hey, how did Pooh get in there?


More of Mike’s office space. Needless to say, it’s a REALLY cool office!


2 thoughts on “C3 Kids Conference – Day 1 – Check In and Tour of Grapevine Campus

  1. The tour was fun! It was great to meet you!

  2. henryjz says:

    Thanks Collin. It was great to meet you as well. It’s great putting people and faces together and seeing what you all do. It is definitly been motivating as well as inspirational.

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