[SHIFT Student Ministries Conference] Session 6 – Efrem Smith

Efrem Smith’s talk was entitled, “Stop Telling Me About Jesus and Show Me What He Looks Like.” It was great! A large reason I liked it was Efrem. He is just fun to listen to. His content was solid as well. One illustration stuck with me. (I think I’ve heard it before related to children’s minsitry.) He talked about Superman and Batman. Batman is not a superhero. He has no super powers. He wears a mask. He has gadgets. He got a circus kids with a feminine name to wear a maks and be his partner. He works at night for more effect. Superman is a superhero. He has powers. If you take away his suit, he is still Superman and can do all his super stuff. In ministry sometimes we put on a mask. We show everyone all our ministry gadgets. We put masks on our kids and send them out with gadgets. We need to be infused with the power of the Holy Spirit so that we can do ministry without the gadgets and be a part of true transformation. Efrem then used Batgirl and Wonder Woman for the ladies 🙂 I liked that illustration. It works for all areas of ministry.


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